Counselling/Therapy Services


We all come up against difficulties at some stage in our lives.  Sometimes they start as small obstacles which can grow to become more challenging.  Whatever your situation, I offer a collaborative strength-based approach, that works alongside you at your pace. 

I use my experience to assist and encourage you to take one step at a time, on the road to understanding the difficulties you are working through.


Everyone is an individual and so every therapeutic process is different.  It is my belief that we all have within us the tools to support ourselves.  

I offer help with finding those tools and learning how to use them in a way that will best work for you.  An honest approach to hearing your story is a vital part of this process.  Together we can work through that story to help with understanding your life and realising your full potential.  

There is no right or wrong there is only 'sense' and 'non-sense'.